You are eating cyanide! Know how!


Food is we cann’t live without it. People like to try new things in their meal. People visit more places just to find new options for their meal. Some time in exitment of trying new meal we missed the conciquence of having meal.

Some meals can kill you too. Yes, you heard right, there are lots of meals that can cost your life because few meal have small amount cyanide ingredent. Here we will tell you about those meal and also tell you why it can kill you?

Improperly prepared, fugu or puffer fish

This colourful Puffer Fish is rare delicacy in Japan. Puffer fish is extremely lethal if not served properly.

pufur fish

Well puffer fish has tetrodotoxin which is around 100 times more poisonous than potassium cyanide. Few amount of tetrodotoxin can make you paralysis and causes death due to respiratroy failure. It is so poisonous that even a well prepared dish can sometimes cause numbness or nausea among the diners.

This is how Fugu soup looks like when prepared-
Pufur or fugu fish soup

Chef’s have to very careful when they separting the organs which have this toxin. Fugu liver is the part where most of the tetrodotoxin is contained. In 2006-09 183 people lost their life due to fugu fish meal.

Chewing Apple seeds

Apple is the food almost every people like very much. We all know the famous liner about apple.

“An Apple a Day, Keep Doctor Away”

But did we know that apple can cause your life too. Surprise! Seed, the little black seeds the important part of apple. these seeds contain amygdalin, a substance which will release cyanide. But it will reach to your digestive system only when you chew the seeds, as seed are well coated so that they don’t harm us.

Apple seed contain cyanide

Every apple seeds contain about 700 mg of cyanide per kilogram. Therefore, about 100 grams of apple seeds would be enough to kill a 70-kg adult.


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Healthy Almond

We all know food has a state when having them is not good for health. This is applicable with almonds too, so be careful because it can cost your life too. almond contain very small quantity cyanide which is unbale to cause poisoning.

Each bitter almond contains 4-9 mg of hydrogen cyanide, therefore chewing more then 200 bitter almonds can surely kill you.

World’s hottest chili “Ghost Chilly”

Spiciness/heat in the chilly are measured in Scoville scale. World’s spiciest chili Ghost chili is rated at more than 1 million SHU. When you take just one byte of ghost chilly. your tongue and throat started burning. you will feel as you’re too close to a source of heat, despite no actual temperature change. Chilly will upset the digestive system and eyes, mouth and nose capsaicin causes the intestines to increase in mucous product.

Ghost chilly

So having a good amount of ghost chilly will force body to produce huge amount of mucous, which will lead you to death.

Wild mushroom and Wine

Coprinus atrementaria is commonly eaten delicious wild mushroom. Rosted mushroom can also be used as snack while drinking. But don’t dare to even think about it. Consuming alchohol within few hours of eating it can make you violently ill.

Wild Mushroom

Mushroom contains coprine which blocks the action of an enzyme that breaks down acetaldehyde and consumption of alchohol causes hangover. Combination of coprine with alchohol give you instant and horrible hangover full with vomiting, intense headache and heart palpitations in large enough doses.

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