5 Best Food for summer!


In summer sunlight is very hard which makes weather hot therefore to balance the body temperature body start sweating. Body loose lots of water due to sweating, Which cause dehydration in our body.

We must ensure the level of water in out body. To intake water we don’t need only to drink water, we have other options too for completing the water requirement of body.

Keep safe yourself in summer! know how?

Drink Water or juice

Drink water

To fulfill water requirement, we must sure to drink at least two liter water daily. We can choose any shape of water like sugarcane juice, mausmi juice or lassi etc. Best and easily available drink is lemon water.

You can find lots of street vendor selling water on roads. I would suggest to go for lemon water instead of water.


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Cucumber salad

In summer we need more water and cucumber is best for it. Cucumber contains 96% of water and rest 4% is fiber which keeps you intestine good. Good amount of water and potassium maintain the balance of water in your body.


Watermelon or Watermelon Juice

watermelon for body
Watermelon is best fruit for summer, it is sweet in taste and full of water. it contains vitamin A, B6 and C. It contains an antioxidant called lycopene. it contains potassium and 92% water, which makes it best fruit for summer and save you from dehydrate.

Coconut water

Coconut water
Coconut water is best for summer season as it keeps you hydrated. Its good in taste and filled with high level of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes which keep your body energetic.

Sattu ka sharbat
Sattu is best food I like in summer more anything else. It also called ‘Poor mans protein’. It served as sharbat in most states like bihar and UP.

Sattu is rich in insoluble fiber, which make it good for your intestines. Its full of iron, manganese and magnesium and low sodium which is good for diabetic patents as well.


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