Did you use egg completely? | Use of eggshell! Complete guide

Majority of people use eggs as their meal. Even people don’t like meat enjoy eggs as their food. Both the white and yolk of an egg are rich in nutrients – proteins, vitamins and minerals with the yolk also containing cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids. Most important thing is its very cheap and easily available food in world.

Egg Part we waste

Majority of people those consume eggs use only the white and yolk. To the majority of people, eggshells are simply trash. Similarly people consume boiled egg throw the water remains. Here we will tell you what you can do with egg rest part like eggshell and remaining water.

Use of Water

Egg shells is good source of organic calcium. While boiling the egg shells release some calcium in water. Boiled egg water is full of calcium which will help roots of grow. We can use boiled egg water as substitute of calcium fertilizer.

Keep in mind water should be fresh and cold. Putting at least once boiled egg water in your plants will help your plant to grow well.

Use of Egg Shells

We know, Egg shells are good source of calcium, which is very important part of nutrition we require and your pets too. You can feed these egg shells to your hens or you can use it for your own too. People have been boiling eggshells in their coffee for centuries to help clarify the grounds and reduce bitterness. You can spread it into your garden as compost as well.

Hope next time when you consume egg, you will consume it completely and not wasting anything.

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