The Smart Creative Artist of Bollywood! The Film Padmavati

Movies are the best source of entertainment. There are lots of movie which educate and attract attention of society to wrong happening in our system and society.

Bollywood is biggest producer of hindi entertainment cinema. A total of 225 hindi movie released in 2016. Some movies have large budget and few have small. Small budget film, you might have not hear about it earn a good amount of money. Few movie even earn more than 200 Cr. now we can easily assume, how much bigger bollywood industry is.

Kind of Directors

Our Industry is full of talented and creative people, they have produced films like Bahubali, 3idiot, tare jammen par with new idea and theme. Few are just copy and paste theme from different

But we have few more creative directors or producers which are not capable to create any new theme or stroy. Therefore they choose to create movies on history stories without having deep

Why its wrong to create movies on histories events?
Nothing is wrong in creating movies on history facts. Movies not only provide entertainment but it also represent the character of that person who is in center of movie.

For Example

Film Raees said to be based on criminal Abdul Latif’s life. Who has criminal background with extortion, kidnapping, smuggling etc. He was the main culprit in supplying RDX used in 1993 Mumbai blasts. If anyone watch movie Raees without knowing about Abdul Latif’s background will leave hall with a heroic mindset. How he help others and who are the actual villains.

In another example of film Dangal they have represent the wrong characteristic of coach anyone will easily trust the movie facts, despite of find truth.

Aamir khan never come before the release of movie about the character assignation of coach in name of masala until coach himself ask for it.

They all doing this in the name creativity and putting masala in their movie. I want to know what kind of creativity it is, the creativity of distorting history facts. If they want masala movie then why they claim it that movie is based on someone’s character.

Why they choose history facts?

India is very diversified country having too many communities which worship or believes in different thing that might not have any worth for other communities. Therefore any protest will be limited to that community only.

These creative artist prefer these topic, because they know when this story reveal in market. People associated with or having knowledge what is wrong will protest. Protest will make movie a topic of discussion, this will enhance the visibility of movie. As today conspiracy is best tool of marketing. Which they are using beautifully for their movie promotion.

Movie with huge protest will make huge profit for movie. Which is all they want, they are not concerned with any facts. History is nothing for these top creative artist. They don’t own any resoposibility
about any facts and responsibility towards society.


Why film like Raees and Padmavati should stop releasing.

Actress Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali claiming there are no such seen which distorting the history or hurting sentiments of anything. The movie should release on time.

But the problem is not movie the problem is what if mewar family found anything wrong in it. Will director and producer take back their movie. Will Deepika padukon take responsibility of that, if yes what it would be?

After watching Raees everyone will have mindset of hero, so should I say that abdul latif is not a criminal or he is not a smuggler?

Must watch debate on Padmavati

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