People should not have credit card! | 4 Reason for not having credit card

no credit card

Having credit card is very common today. People who know the benefits of credit cards carry more then one card. People use credit card not for big discount these company provide but there reward point also give the change to earn without any interest. Few people earn thousands by using their credit card smartly.

In spite of the benefits of credit card, I would suggest to not have credit card if you are one from them mentioned below.

Can’t resist the temptation

Credit card, on some extent, gives you free money. You get money that you don’t have now and it’s harder to control that temptation. That kind of people buy more stuff than they would have. If you are not able to control that temptation you will be in big debt. Which might put you in big money problem.

Undisciplined Financial person

Remember, Never have credit card if you are a financially undisciplined. Credit card only benefited for you when you are paying its bills on time. As late payment or paying partial payment attract huge charges in your credit card bills.

Credit card bills attract 36%/year interest if you have not pay its debt in full, so never have credit card you have low memory of paying bill dates.

Don’t like paperwork or not earning enough

Few people have shy nature, they don’t enjoy people interaction and long process of anythings. Applying credit cards require lots of paperwork and time involvement. They don’t feel the need to when they are already using a debit card. It takes about 2–3 weeks to get a new Credit Card.

If you are working part time or unemployed, its better to not apply for credit card. Credit card company may be reject your application, even if you get one you will not able to pay it’s bill in full as you don’t own money or enough money.

Don’t like to be in Debt or surprises

Few people don’t want to live in debt. Using credit card is living in debt always, as money spend by you is not yours you have to pay it when credit period laps. So people feel better with using debit card instead of Credit card.

Using credit card means you have to write checks at the end of the month. It will hit your monthly spending balance for next month.


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