Who is responsible for Banned on Triple Talaq

Supreme court of India has abolish the Triple Talaq practice. Everyone has welcomed the decision of court. India is not first country which has banned instant talaq, 22nd country have already regulate triple talaq, abolished it or laid down.

Now BJP want to get benefits from Supreme Court verdict. But do you think some credit should be given to BJP. Here we will elaborate things and help you to decide.

Why BJP should not any get Credit

BJP claiming for credit for their stand they make in Supreme Court against the Muslim personal law. But never tried to make any law to abandon the law. Especially when they have clear majority in lok shabha.

They did it because they don’t want targeted by opposition for interfering in personal law. They might loose their base in Muslim community if they come up with any law related to Triple talaq. So they played safe game and went to Supreme Court for abandon of triple talaq.

Why BJP should get Credit

Please do realize that Additional Solicitor General Mukul Rohotgi. He was  lawyer of Union Government and works as per direction of government, he presented a strong unequivocal affidavit in Supreme Court that Government favors equal rights and is against triple talaq.

BJP claiming credit for their stand taken in Supreme Court. They said only his government has taken the side of Muslim women in against Triple talaq.

As court has already made judgement on shayara bano case in favour of Muslim women. But current INC government of Rajiv gandi has over ruled the judgement of court by bringing law.

Moreover people are sure that Modi Govt. will not bring any law which will make supreme court decision void.

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