Change In American Foreign Policy In Donald Trump Presidency

Today on 21st January 2017, Donald Trump is taking oath for Presidency of United States of American. Donald Trump is most controversial candidate, But now he is American President. According to media American will face drastic change in foreign policy. Here we will discuss few of them.

Banned on Islamic refugees

This is the major thing which Donald Trump is promoting from first day of Presidency election, that he will banned Islamic people or put monitoring to muslim peoples.

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Bargain with China on One China Policy

After wining the presidency election by Tsai Ing-wen in Taiwan Donald congratulate him by calling her and gave her assurance to provide recognition for Independent Country. Which is not possible due to One China policy trade agreement with china.

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No Free Security to other country

America is the country which has legal obligation with 54 other countries to militarily protect and defend if they get into their own conflicts. Currently USA doesn’t charge anything from these country. But according to Donald Trump these country will have to pay certain amount to America.

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