Why India Investing in GPS

Indian GPS

From last few years India is very aggressive in space sector. With the recent launch of PSLV-C33 rocket by ISRO, India became the only 5th nation in the world to have its own full navigational satellite system or GPS(Global Positioning System). The question is how its going to help us in empowering the country.

Why India Investing in GPS?

Before own GPS we use US powered GPS and we are totally depend on them. Few harsh lessons made India realize the importance of technological independence regardless of geopolitics. Here we will elaborate those harsh lessons.


Focus of GPS Satellite

As GPS is controlled by US Government, they can decide the focus area of satellites. Like, they shifted GPS satellites in Iraq war zone to get better GPS coverage. During these hours GPS satellites is not usable for navigation.
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Sharing of Data

India realized there’s been a big infiltration from Pakistani side of Kashmir and captured Kargil district on the Indian side. India asked for GPS and geographical help from USA. But since Pakistan-America were allies, they denied the request. Even GLONASS, The Russian GPS is down at that time. Although we win the war, but it realize India the importance of own GPS. Specially in war situations.

Dependency of Advance Weapon

Today all supersonic or advanced missile systems are GPS based. Brahmos is India’s supersonic cruise missile, jointly developed by India and Russia was dependent on GPS for its guidance system. The satellite that run the GPS has been switched off on that day. Therefore missile traveled for 112 seconds instead of scheduled 84 seconds and fell 7 km away from the target. US has switched off satellite because Mr. Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th United States President.

What will happen if USA switched off there satellites on war timings. Our valuable advance missiles become useless in lack of GPS guidance. We have to be ready for any situations, specially in terms of war. As our most powerful enemy country have its own GPS too.

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