When bigger is not always better | You can be cheated for same

when bigger is more worst

Everyone want to save money. we save money and utilize that on useful stuff. Usually companies offer big saving if we buy bigger size of that product. Due to common sense we preferred to buy bigger packs to save money. In spite of it cost us more than small one.

For House wife like me small saving matter a lot. Like mention in below image coke.
cold drink image

You will found that 600 ml coke cost us 31rs. but for 1.25ltr you just need to pay 24rs more which is more than double in quantity same happen when we buy 2ltr coke.
It totally indicates buying bigger package will help us in saving money.


How company cheat us?

Be careful when you shopping for households products. As we have perception bigger size product will save us lot, which is true in most of cases. But there are exceptions, where companies loot us when we buy bigger packets. Here we will tell you few of those products.

1) Coffee

Everyone drinks coffee because it has a good taste. Nestle is the brand I need not to tell you about. They sell their coffee sachet of rupees 2 which make a cup of coffee! The net weight this sachet contains 1.5 gm of coffee! So, in 1 rs we got 0.75gm coffee.
 coffee sachet pic

Now checkout the price of 25gm of nestle coffee. In this pack of coffee worth 70 rs We get just 25 gm! But in sachet of 70rs We should get at least 70*0.75 gm= 52.5 gm. But we are get less then the half of it.

coffee pack of 75 gm large

Most people can argue due to cost of cointaniner but I not ready to pay 35rs more for container. Its a huge dent in my pocket company is making.


2) Shampoo

This work with every shampoo company. You can buy 1rs sachet of clinic plus which you got 7 ml of shampoo including 27% extra. Even if we don’t consider the extra content, 5.5ml is what we get for 1rs only. So for 1rs = 5.5 ml.
for reference check below images
clinic plus shampoo sachet pic

Now check the price of 340ml which cost 165rs.
clinic plus pack
So if we buy 165 sachet of 1rs we will get 5.5ml * 165 = 907.5ml.
If we consider extra content offered we get in 1rs sachet we will get 7ml * 165 = 1115ml.


3) Sliced Cheese

If use slices cheese for breakfast or lunch. Be carefull while buying it as large packet will cost you more than you small packet. How check below images.

In above pic you will find 40gm pack of 2 britania sliced cheese cost you 25rs. So price of one slice would cost you 12.5rs.

price of britania sliced cheese pack of 5

Now check the price of 100gm pack of 5 britania sliced cheese which will cost you 75rs. So price of one slice would cost you 15rs.


Math is weird and you can’t trust on companies blindly. Always keep on eye for check price and quantity we get. So you don’t get cheated.

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