Monsoon diseases and its prevention

Take of monsoon disease

After facing hot summer, monsoon season relax us with rain. We feel refreshed when little rain drops touches our face. But we know every good things have some bad effects too. Monsoon bring so much moisturizer in our atmosphere, which is good for germs and infections too. Which can give you variety of diseases and serious health issues.

Monsoon is the time to take care about these germs, insects and infections and if you don’t take care at the right time then it is normal that you will suffer for long. In article will help you know about the general health issues during monsoons and how you can prevent yourself from them. Try to include fruit or vegetables which improve your immune system.

Cold & Flu

Disease we all know about is Cold & Flu. You can face this disease in any season, but in monsoon chancing of facing this issue is very high. This is usually occur due to fluctuation in the temperature. As it’s a viral infection you can get this from any of your colleagues, friend or co-passengers in metro, trains etc. People having weakened immune system like Young children, the elderly, pregnant women must take precautions.

How to prevent?

  1. Avoid crowded places
  2. Cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing
  3. Wash hands frequently
  4. Take Annual vaccine
  5. Minimize contact and distance yourself by at least 1 meter from infected people

Foods to grow immune system


The most common and dangerous disease in Monsoon is Malaria. Diseases is spread by Female Anopheles mosquito. Due to rain water logging in very common and mosquitoes get conducive conditions to breed. In 2015, there were an estimated 429000 malaria deaths (range 235000, 639000) worldwide. The common symptoms of malaria are fever, shivers, muscle pain and weakness.

As Mosquitoes are very common in monsoon, you can be affected by malaria prone mosquitoes during monsoons.

How to Prevent from Malaria

  1. Use mosquito’s repellents in room and your body
  2. Make sure that water does not stagnate in your area
  3. Antimalarial medication – Chemoprophylaxis


Dengue fever is a monsoon ailment caused by mosquitoes. As mosquitoes are very common in monsoon. Germs of dengue fever is carried by Tiger mosquitoes. Common symptoms of dengue are fever, pains in joint, body aches and rash. Dengue is very dangerous disease as we don’t have any specific medicine for its cure.

How to prevent dengue?

  1. Cover water drums and pail all the time to prevent mosquitoes from breeding
  2. Clean all water containers once a week. Scrub the sides well to remove eggs of mosquitoes sticking to the sides or Put them in sun light for 2-3 hours.
  3. Clean gutters of leaves and debris so that rainwater will not collect as breeding places of mosquitoes
  4. Puncture or cut old tires used as roof support to avoid accumulation of water
  5. Collect and dispose all unusable tin cans, jars, bottles, and other items that can collect and hold water.
  6. Cover your body well with clothes in order to prevent the mosquito from biting.
  7. Use of an insect repellent to prevent the attack of the mosquito.
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