Wrong Message to Society By Movie Dangal

Aamir khan starer film “Dangal” is biggest hit movie of Year 2016. According to new Aamir Khan Dangal movie has set new record of 400 Crore for Film Industry.

Movie “Dangal shows off an entire scene to justify how big of a “sacrifice”.  Amir Khan’s character is doing for the “Good of his children”. He is fighting with the world for his children.

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There is no doubt that film “Dangal” is best movie and it should be because Mr. Perfectionist has worked for it. Irrespective of this brilliant movie. Movie has sent some message to our society.

The Intention of Aamir khan character is to get Gold Medal nothing else because he didn’t get chance to do that.

Type of Work For Girls.

The movie implies that Girls have only two option either Household work or Wrestling. Then why school’s scenes are there in movie. Are they not capable to become anything else?

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Source of protein

The worst thing is aamir khan is promoting meat as only source of protein to become strong. did he means all Deshi Ghee, Milk and Dairy products are waist.

I am worry because major population of India is vegetarian and I am one of them and I will request him to read below article. It also show that he left scarifies his religion’ doctrine by eating meat for his pride.

Indian personalities who live the ‘veg’ way of life

Coach’s in NSA are Idiot.

In movie every time they proves that NSA has worst and arrogant coach’s. They fails to understand his player’s strength and weaknesses. Fails to come up with effective strategies to win fight.

Aamir khan’s Wrestling knowledge

Only he knows absolutely amateur strategies like using fake etc.

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