View Facebook or Other Saved Passwords in Browsers

view facebook password

Today everything is available online. Even Indian Government promoting things online. You can order food, book room, flight, train and bus booking, online courses etc. All you need just to create an account on these websites, just register yourself and avail their facilities.

Since more less everything is available on internet. It’s become the part of necessity things. So while doing things online, we unknowingly did some mistakes which put our account on high risk.

Saving Password

Since we use many services from many websites it’s almost impossible to remember all websites password. Then browsers came with their new facility of saving password. Due to this facility it become handy to login into different websites because you don’t need to remember passwords.

Saving password into browser may give you ease of remembering it. We all use this feature easily as password is kept in browser in dots (.) or asterstrick (*) form, assuming our password is safe from external users.

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How to see password?

Do you know anyone can check your password, you saved in browsers? How? Browsers now becoming developer friendly too. To enhance developer experience browsers coming with “Inspect element” option in right click.

extract password from browsers

To see your password go to a website and right click in password input box and select Inspect Elements. A section will appear at the bottom and line will be highlighted, right click on it and select Edit as HTML. In edit mode replace “password” with “text”. Click somewhere outside the box and Voila!

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