Impact of Donald Trump on India

Donald Trump is president of United State of America. Major role for wining of Donald Trump presidency is his protected thought of America to preserve jobs in America.

Since Donald start its campaign for presidency election. His speech is focused on how he will provide jobs to american peoples. Tweets done by Donald Trump done on twitter gives clear indication of major change in American import policy. Here we will discuss the impact of Donald Trump on India.

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IT Sector

As Donald Trump is hard on import policy, he has already sent clear indication for higher import duties. Means american companies who imports from different countries will have to pay more for their products and goods. This will increase their cost.

Hence they will prefer to manufacture products in America. Indian IT sector is 60-70% depends on export which will hit the Indian companies revenue badly.

India China relation

India is one of biggest importer of defense equipment in the world to protect itself from Pakistan and China. China is also hitting India’s plan badly on NSG membership and declaring Masood Ajhar as international terrorist to favor Pakistan.

Donald Trump is currently very hard on China, this might help India in deal with China and could succeed in get the membership of NSG.

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